Board Meeting – June 2011


University Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting Notes

face book: University Square Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

June 8, 2011 Home of President Frank Ruth


Call to Order 8:14pm


No minutes to review from April as some board members went to community meeting regarding GMU road plans.


EARC Report:  Several driveways’ going in. We need to inform neighbors that they have to get EARC approval before they do any improvements or changes to the exterior of the house.  Gail addressed graffiti and neighbors got it off the house.

We still need to walk around and ask neighbors to keep up their exterior appearance.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer was absent, but sent in a report.

There are four houses still in delinquent paying dues; two houses are paying off amount owed.


Neighborhood Watch Report: Our appeal to the Villa president to join together for National Night Out went on deaf ears.  We will have our NNO in Bellavia Ln 6pm – 7:30 pm Aug 2. Neighbors from Villa are invited to attend. We have ordered plastic signs, we will have information tables, ice cream, lemonade and water. Volunteers needed and appreciated.


Old Business

Ray will provide treasurer with thumb drives to save all documents to as a back up.


New Business

1. A newsletter will be attached to a copy of ERAC guidelines and will be hand delivered to every home.

There are some language changes that need to be made to ERAC guidelines. However,  It was agreed to table the discussion for a year.


Adjourned: 9:00pm



Board members present:

President                        Frank Ruth (10/13)                                   

Secretary                       Cheryl Lewis (10/11)                       

Member                        Ray Tolbert (10/12)                       

Member                        Justin Ginsberg                                   

ERAC                            Gail Contreras  & Patrick Tomlinson                                 


Vice President            Andrew Pershing (10/11)                       

Treasurer                        Dennis Makurat (10/12)                       



Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Lewis