Board Meeting – September 2011


University Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Board Meeting Notes

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September 6, 2011 Home of President Frank Ruth


Call to Order 8:03 pm


Treasurer’s Report:  

*            A spreadsheet was handed out showing that our cash balance is over $50,000.  We however, have $16,000 net revenue less expenses.  Therefore it was agreed not to raise dues at this time. We will readdress this issue next year.

*            We only have 2 homes in arrears for paying their dues at this time.


Neighborhood Watch Report:            

*            The National Night Out was a success, thanks to all who helped and attended.


Old Business

*            GMU Road construction is years away. Nothing is happening now other than talk.


New Business

*            Board member elections will be held; ballots will be mailed later this week.

*         Discussed tree problems in common area. Dead trees will be felled in 2 weeks.

*          It was suggested that we put little flags on the curb grass in front of everyone’s homes on holidays like the Villa does. This will be an agenda item for the semi annual meeting in October.

*        Semi annual membership meeting will be at Fairfax Villa School Library 7:30pm on Wednesday Oct 5, 2011


Adjourned: 8:55pm

Board members:

President                        Frank Ruth (10/13)                                    703-273-7641

Vice President                  Andrew Pershing (10-11)                            703 216-0497

Treasurer                        Dennis Makurat (10/12)                             703-383-0233

Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/11)                                  703-385-1041

Member                        Jen Weigel (10/11)                                      703-309-7446

Member                        Ray Tolbert (10/12)                                     703-272-3450

Member                        Justin Ginsberg  (10/12)                               703-738-6339


ERAC                                    Gail Contreras                                    703 352-8109


Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis