Board Minutes – February 2012



University Square Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

Face book: University Square Homeowners Association

February 1, 2012   The Villa Elementary School


Call to Order 8:07 pm


Minutes of last meeting accepted



  • One house to make an addition. There will be friendly reminders handed out this spring to residents that are not in compliance with the Architectural Guidelines of USHOA.  The number of houses with siding covered with green encrustation will be a major thrust.

Treasurer’s Report:  

  • We are in good financial shape, but still have 4 houses in arrears.      
  • Dues notices will be sent next week. Treasurer would like help in stuffing envelopes.

Old Business

  • GMU will connect Braddock Road west of Ox Road to the main campus at Patriot Circle. Road will go under Ox Road just south of the Field House
  • The Board investigated having a group reduces the deer that are plaguing homes on University Drive. The spread of Lyme disease was a factor. It will be considered again next fall.

New Business

  •  University Drive residents need to consider parking problems with GMU students’
  • We will need of a new Treasurer and Secretary by the October. The board is hoping that some young family members who have a lot vested in the neighborhood, will take these positions over
  • General membership meeting next month, Wednesday, March 7, at the Villa Elementary-7:30

Adjourned: 8:35pm

Board members present:

  • President                        Frank Ruth (10/13)                                    703-273-7641
  • Vice President                  Andrew Pershing (10-13)                            703 216-0497
  • Treasurer                        Dennis Makurat (10/12)                               703-383-0233
  • Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/13)                                   703-385-1041
  • Member                          Jen Weigel (10/13)                                     703-309-7446


Member                                    Ray Tolbert (10/12)                                    703-272-3450

Member                                    Justin Ginsberg  (10/12)                     

EARC                                        Gail Contreas

Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis