Board Meeting – January 2013


University Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting Notes

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Board Meeting

January 2, 2013




Call to Order 8:03pm


Treasurer Report:

17 homes have not paid dues; 87 have paid in full; 60 have paid 1/2.

We have about $95,000.00 in the bank.

Trash collection is $600.00 less this year due to a newly negotiated contract.


EARC Report:

1. No new approvals pending

2.  We will send out notices to remind homeowners to clean up the out side of their property, especially to clean the sides of their houses. It is an eye soar, and devalues the look of the neighborhood.


New Business:

1.     President Ruth will attend groundbreaking of Braddock/Ox Rd Campus bypass.

2.     The posted permit parking petition meeting will be held on Tuesday January 8, 2013. President Ruth and Secretary Lewis will attend and get a clarification on the intent of the parking permit area.

3.     Thank you homeowners for brightening up the neighborhood with beautiful holiday lights and decorations.

4.     We are still looking for a Secretary.



Adjournment: 8:20pm



President                        Frank Ruth (10/13)                                     703-273-7641

Treasurer                        PJ Kennedy (10/16)                                    703-359-4174

Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/13)                                   703-385-1041

Member                        Ray Tolbert (10/16)                                      703-272-3450

Member                        Justin Ginsberg (10/13)