Board Minutes – November 2013

University Square Homeowner’s Association

Board Meeting Minutes

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November 6, 2013


Board Attendees: Frank Ruth, Drew Pershing, PJ Kennedy, Cheryl Lewis

Meeting called to order at 8:11 PM

Treasurer’s report:

*   Total funds: $102,250.00

*   Delinquent notices went out on 10/4/13 to 10 property owners are late paying dues

*   Four owners have not made any payments and Treasurer is looking into collections and possible lien on properties, which will include late payment charges, Attorney fees, and any other fee’s that are incurred by the HOA

*   President Ruth will write a statement of facts regarding the fallen trees that destroyed a shed, and file an insurance claim. The insurance company informed Treasurer that our insurance rates will be increased next year; therefore it was agreed by the board to go ahead and file a claim


Neighborhood Watch:

Reminder to keep valuables out of parked cars

Old Business:


* Frank Ruth and Justin Ginsberg were re-elected to a three-year term

* Still looking for an HOA Secretary

Meeting adjourned at 8:36PM