Member Meeting – October 2013

University Square Homeowner’s Association

Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes

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October 2, 2013


Board Attendees: Frank Ruth, PJ Kennedy, Justin Ginsberg, Jen Weigel

Meeting called to order at 8:07 PM.

Treasurer’s report:

*   With the $30K received for dues this year, we have $93K in the bank.  This equates to 70K in reserve
*   44 properties have not made a payment for this year’s due as of this meeting  Treasurer will send out reminder notices in mid October
*   1 property continues to work off outstanding balance based on negotiations with the Treasurer
*   4 properties remain with outstanding dues.  One property is a foreclosure that we will likely not see anything on until after it is sold 

·      Treasurer is working on getting liens started on all of these properties

Neighborhood Watch:
Nothing to report, but thanks to Cheryl for the great work on NNO

General Business:
Deer are still an issue in the common area and the creek behind Santa Clara/University Dr.  They meander up the creek bed starting at 7-8AM and find their way to Providence Park.

We had some trees come down in the common area.  Our insurance provider told us to let the homeowner sue over this, as they should have insurance.  We are currently working to replace a shed that was destroyed beyond repair.  Some owners in attendance mentioned that homeowner’s insurance should cover these sorts of things.

ERAC would like to reprint the EAG&R documents and provide to all lots.  Treasurer Kennedy stated that there was a review of the existing document ongoing and we should be able to finalize that in the near future.  Dennis Makurat asked for a copy of the EAG&R to provide some inputs on changes to the document.  (Treasurer Kennedy sent via email on 10/9/13)

President noted that dues have been lowered, all at the meeting were happy to see this.

We noted that we have cleaned out a portion of the common area and are planning to do $2K worth every year to keep it maintained.  Bertha Mcclintockmentioned there are some dead trees behind her lot that should be monitored.

There was a short discussion about a sign for the HOA at the entrance.  There wasn’t much interest from those in attendance.

The floor nominated Frank and Justin for re-election.  It passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43PM.