Board Minutes – January 2014

University Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting Notes

face book: University Square Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

January 8, 2014 Home of President Frank Ruth


Call to Order 8:09pm


Treasurer’s Report:

·      Two lots have paid late, with out interest or late fee

·      It was agreed to waive the fees this time


EARC Report:

·      Discussion to change document to reflect the new law allowing home business

·      It was agreed that homeowners could hang an 8×11 ½ business sign from bottom of mail box


New Business

·      Discussion about hiring a good HOA attorney to help proof and make lawful changes to Bi-laws and EARC rules. Board members will seek names of attorneys for consideration

·      In need of a new Secretary. If interested, please let a board member know. It does not take up too much time.


Adjourned: 8:48pm


Board members present:

President                        Frank Ruth (10/16)                                    703-273-7641

Treasurer                        PJ Kennedy  (10/16)                                   703 359-4174

Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/15)                                  703-385-1041

Member                        Ray Tolbert (10/16)                                     703-272-3450


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Lewis