Board Meeting Notes – July 2014

University Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting Notes

face book: University Square Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

July 2, 2014 at the home of HOA President Frank Ruth

Call to Order 8:02pm

Minutes of last meeting approved

Treasurer’s Report:

·      Certified letters went out to 3 properties who have still owe this years dues

·      All other lots delinquent are incurring 6% interest on their accounts

·      An attorney has been retained to look over our bi-laws and council us on our collection procedure

Neighborhood Watch:

·      Neighborhood Watch Chair, Cheryl Lewis is moving temporarily to Ohio. She will continue to keep committee informed, and be available via email

·      National Night Out will be Tuesday August 5. We will need volunteers to work the event. We will have visits from: PD, Sheriff; Fire, Band, etc.

New Business

·      Thank you to Christine Taylor for volunteering to be our new Secretary. She was appointed by the Board- unanimous for  vote

·      Board member Ray Tolberthas resigned as he is going back to school Thank you Ray for your past service on the board

·      Thank you Peter McClintock who was appointed to be on the EARC committee.

·       University Drive residents: The Rooney family met with Fairfax County storm drainage staff due to the drainage  pond  that abuts their side  yard. They believe it has become a health hazard due to mosquitoes. The officials disagreed and said that the retaining pond was working as it should. The US Army Corps of Engineers is the real manager of the water shed and the pond. Their next step is letter to Braddock Supervisor Cook’s office.

·      Frank Ruth will check with The Villa Elementary School regarding a speed bump in front of the school and about their out of control grass growth around the back playing  field, which is a haven for rodents

·       The Board is looking for ideas and prices for a University Square sign to be posted on University Drive at the entrance to our homes


Board’s Next meeting will be the National Night Out event , Tuesday August 5, 2014 at                                           6:00pm

Adjourned: 9:00pm


Board members present:

President                        Frank Ruth (10/16)                         703-273-7641

Treasurer                        PJ Kennedy             (10/16)             703 359-4174

Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/15)                        703-385-1041

Member                         Jen Weigel            (10/16)                703-309-7446

Member                         Justin Ginsberg(10/16)

New Secretary                Christine Taylor                                703-919-4669

Residents                        Mr. & Mrs. Rooney


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Lewis