Semi Annual Meeting – October 2014



The meeting was called to order at 8:13 pm by President Frank Ruth.

Board Members present were:  Andrew Pershing, PJ Kennedy, Christine Taylor, Justin Ginsburg, and Jen Weigel

Treasurer’s Report:  PJ reported that the Association had about $105,000 in bank accounts and that there were several homeowners in arrears on their dues.  As the bills had recently gone out, money was still being sent in.

Old Business:

  1. HOA Documents   Legal Review – arrangements were still in process for such a review.  PJ was in discussions with a law firm, MercerTrigiana.  No definitive action had been taken.
  2. Streets – Frank mentioned that VDOT had planned to resurface our streets but due to a lack of funding, this was postponed.  A lot owner who is original to the neighbor mentioned that the streets have never been repaved in the time the community has been here.  It was also noted that we seem to have grass growing from the seams.  It was suggested that owners begin to petition the appropriate elected officials in order to move this along.  Frank mentioned he has talked to our representatives, but nothing has moved forward.
  3. National Nite Out – A mighty thanks to Cheryl and Bridget for coordinating it.

New Business:

  1. Thanks for National Nite out – see above
  2. Election to the Board – The Election of the Board was unanimous for the four individuals on the ballot.  Welcome to Christine Taylor and Peter McClintock.
  3. Speed Bump – discussed, but no one believes it will come to pass based on all the requirements.  It also seems to not fix the real issue of getting folks to stop at the signs.
  4. HOA Sign – The discussion on the HOA sign did not result in any action as those in the room did not see a need for it as we are easily found off 123.

From the Floor:

  • Someone mentioned that the dues on the website are stated differently than what the notice said (old $366 vice new $310).
  • The owner of lot 19 offered to help with any lien filings on delinquent lots.
  • A lot owner mentioned the continued issues with moss on the sides of buildings.  It was noted that this can be done by a company, or one could rent/buy a pressure washer or simply buy something you attach to your hose.  It was suggested that the EARC provide a notice to the community about this.  It will likely be done in the Spring,

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.