Board Minutes – February 2015.

February 4, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

University Square Homeowners Association

Board Meeting – Feb, 4, 2015 at the Villa Elementary School – Call to Order 7:30pm

Board Members Present – Peter McClintock, president; PJ Kennedy, Treasurer; Justin Ginsburg, Member

Treasurer’s Report – Total funds in bank accounts – $104,000.   The Treasurer detailed those who are delinquent on dues.


– Frank Ruth, President of the USHA, had announced his intention to move and resign at a December 2014 meeting held at Frank’s house.  His move was dependent on the appraisal and settlement, which had not occurred at the time of the December meeting.  He subsequently announced his resignation by e-mail and has moved.  The Board expressed its sincere appreciation for Frank’s 17 years of service to the Association.  With Frank’s resignation, there is a vacancy of 1 position on the board.

– With Frank’s resignation, Peter McClintock, who was elected to the board in October, was elected President of the Association.  Andrew Pershing was re-elected as Vice President and PJ Kennedy was re-elected as Treasurer.

– Christine Taylor submitted her resignation as Secretary by e-mail, prior to the February meeting.  She intends to stay on the board.  With her resignation, we have a vacancy at the Secretary position.

– Treasurer PJ Kennedy had arranged to have a law firm (MercerTrigianni), which specializes in homeowner associations, review the USHA documents, including by-laws, covenants,  Articles of Incorporation, Architectural Guidelines & Restrictions, etc, to advise whether they need to be updated.  Peter McClintock signed an engagement letter with the firm.

– It was decided to hold the March semi-annual meeting on March 25 at 7:30 pm.  There will be a board meeting on March 4 to prepare the agenda for the meeting.

Adjourned: 8:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Peter McClintock