Semi Annual Meeting – March 2015



Fairfax Villa Elementary School

The meeting was called to order at 8:03 pm by President Peter McClintock.

Board Members present were:  PJ Kennedy, Christine Taylor, and Justin Ginsburg

The meeting was attended by 16 homeowners.

Approval of October 1, 2014 minutes: approved as presented

Treasurer’s Report:  PJ reported that the Association had about $96,000 in bank accounts and that there were several homeowners in arrears on their dues.  He reported that about 80% of the homeowners had paid all of their dues for the fiscal year.  Money was still being sent in.  There was discussion about collecting overdue dues.  PJ said he was seeking guidance from the law firm doing the legal review.

Old Business:

  1. HOA Documents   Legal Review – arrangements have been made and are in process for such a review.  PJ reported that we received comments on our Disclosure Packet and he was in discussions with a law firm, MercerTrigiana on the status of the remainder of the review.
  2. Streets – One neighbor reported that she had spoken with VDOT and that our streets were in much worse shape than originally anticipated so VDOT has to rebid the project.  Apparently, we are a high priority to have them repaved/repaired.   Again, It was suggested that owners begin to petition the appropriate elected officials in order to move this along.

New Business:

  1. Election of President – The Board elected Peter McClintock as USHA President.
  2. ERAC Vacancy – Patricia Garcia volunteered to fill the ERAC Vacancy.
  3. Board Vacancy – Caitlin Kaprove was appointed to the Board and will fulfill the secretary position.

From the Floor:  no further items were raised from the floor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.