Board Meeting – November 2015

University Square Homeowners Association (USHA)

Fairfax Villa School November 4, 2015 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

At 8:00PM, Peter McClintock, President, called the meeting to order and reviewed the agenda. Board Members present were:

  • Peter McClintock, President
  • PJ Kennedy, Treasurer
  • Oscar Merida, member
  • Christine Taylor, member

Treasure’s Report

  • Checking Account: $66,400
  • Money Market: $33,000
  • CDs: $20,100 (reserve for Common Property Tree Removal)
  • Total Funds: $119,500
  • Total Dues Collected: Approximately $38,300 (71.5%)x
  • Three letters to be sent to home’s that are delinquent on dues
  • Two Emails to be sent to homeowners that are past due.

Election of Officers

Oscar Merida was elected to serve as Secretary due to resignation of previous secretary.

Approval of Board Members

Heather Goltry voted and approved as seventh board member. Matt Jaquith was approved as new chair of the EARC, with Cassandra Jaquith to serve as an alternate when he is not available.

Upcoming Meetings

Board decided to schedule upcoming meetings for the first Wednesdays of February, May, and September. We will also hold our semi-annual meetings in March and October of 2016.

External Architectural Review Committee (EARC) Report:

The Board reviewed and approved the changes to the EAG&R for roof lines.  The wording approved is:

Roofs of new structures and additions must be architecturally compatible with the existing roof including pitch, such that the roof does not exceed the original peak of the roof.   There are 2 exceptions that allow the new roof to exceed the original peak of the roof:  1) If the roof is an extension of the present roof line, or on the same plane as the original roof line but offset by a foot or two, the roof may extend up to 4 feet beyond the original peak on the street side of the roof.   See the house at 4308 Bellavia for the exception.  However, no addition to the back side of a house can have a roof that exceeds the original peak of the roof.   2) If the roof will be perpendicular to the original roof line (such as with a split level home where the upper floor roof line is perpendicular to the lower floor roof line) the new addition roof, which will exceed the height of the original roof, must tie into the original roof in the same manner that the split level roofs tie in.   In other words, the new addition eave portion of the roof must be lower than the original roof peak at their intersection and the 2 roofs must tie in through the use of shingles.  In all cases, the color must match that of the original roof and the shingles must be the same.

The board also approved allowing alternate hand delivery of the results of a Board appeal to the homeowner as long as the deliverer obtains in-person with a  signature upon receipt for the Board EARC communications to homeowners.

The Board approved changes to the EARC Charter. Changes included:

  • If an application for property modifications includes an item not addressed in  the EAG&R, the EARC will refer the application to the President of USHA for a determination on whether the modification should be disapproved, and if so the applicant may file an appeal to the board.
  • Allowing alternate delivery in-person with signature upon receipt for EARC communications to homeowners.
  • Requiring EARC to survey homes once a year for violation.

Worker’s Compensation

Association Lawyer insurance agent  confirmed that we do not need to purchase Worker’s Compensation.

Anonymous Letters

The Board was made aware that at least one individual in the neighborhood is sending anonymous letters to other homeowners and also claiming to be on the board. The Board will send a letter to the all homeowners to clarify that someone is impersonating the board and to remind everyone of the proper channels for communicating concerns and issues to the Board.

Also, MPO R. Wayne Twombly, a Crime Prevention Officer in the Fair Oaks District, will attend our March community meeting where we will discuss this issue further.