Board Meeting – February 2016 Minutes

University Square Homeowners Association (USHA)

Fairfax Villa School –February 3, 2016

Call to Order

At 8:00PM, Peter McClintock, President, called the meeting to order and reviewed the agenda. Board Members present were:

  • Peter McClintock, President
  • PJ Kennedy, Treasurer
  • Justin Ginsberg, member
  • Christine Taylor, member

Treasure’s Report:

  • Checking Account: $60,160
  • Money Market: $32,970
  • CDs: $20,100 (reserve for Common Property Tree Removal)
  • Total Funds: $113,330
  • Total Dues collected – current year – $43,600  (approx. 81%)
  • 3 lots behind less than 1 year
  • 3 lots behind more than 1 year

Approval of November Minutes

The board approved the 11/4/2015 minutes.

EARC Report


Delinquent Dues Collection

The 3 lots behind in dues less than 1 year are being contacted once again.  Of the 3 lots delinquent more than 1 year, 1 has almost paid his debt (about 20% remaining and he has been a steady payer recently), 1 submitted another check to replace a check that bounced – awaiting clearance from bank to decide if more action is needed), and 1 is seriously delinquent and while he said he was going to pay down his debt, we only received 1 payment over 1 year ago.  The Board decided this latter lot will be sent for collection.  The homeowner has not responded to certified letters requesting payment.  The homeowner will bear the cost of collection, in addition to the dues owed.

Neighborhood Watch and USHA Facebook Page

Board member Christine Taylor agreed to be USHA’s Neighborhood Watch contact and the “administrator” of the USHA Facebook page.

Upcoming Semi- annual Meeting in March

The meeting is scheduled for March 2 at the Fairfax Villa School at 7:30pm.  Items for the agenda are:

  • Status of changing the deed Declaration for all University Square
  • Fairfax County Police Crime Prevention Officer Twombly to speak on Anonymous letters and Neighborhood Watch.

The meeting ended at 8:45pm.