Board Meeting – March 2021 Minutes

University Square – Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Call to Order

Board Meeting held on March 10, 2021. Board Members present were:

  • Bradley Roach, President
  • Christine Taylor, Vice President
  • Oscar Merida, Secretary
  • Jerry Stora, Treasurer
  • Justin Ginsberg, member
  • Heather Goltry, member
  • Leigh Kennedy, member

Approval of Semi annual homeowners meeting Minutes

The board approved the minutes. They are posted to the association website.

Treasure’s Report:

No new reports at this time.

EARC Report

EARC Chair Leigh Kennedy proposed the EARC chair be a board position. 

Board Member Vacancies

Board discussed the state of the board and recruiting more volunteers. Discussed a self-managed or professionally managed HOA. Additional costs would be accrued with a professionally managed HOA. 

Web Site Announcement of Meetings

Jennifer to update the website.

Changing the Declaration

On hold pending election of new President and Vice President. 

Tree Removal

Board had two trees behind 10821 Verde Vista Drive removed. J.L. Tree service also assessed pine trees in common areas and removed 10 pine trees between 10807 and 10821 Verde Vista Drive.

Diane Wood from Property Watch, a Private Property Management which manages 10819 Verde Vista Drive, contacted the board in reference to a large dead tree asking if the board will have the tree removed. We can’t determine if the tree is on common property or on the owner’s property. Board decided to offer to split the cost of trimming the tree unless they can show that it is wholly on HOA property.

Agenda Items for April 21 Semi-Annual Meeting at 7:30 p.m. via ZOOM

Items to be discussed at the next homeowners meeting

  1. Board Member elections
  2. External Architecture Guidelines and Regulations (EAGR) Property Inspections and Compliance Assessments
  3. Professionally Managed HOA
  4. Raising HOA fees up to ESTIMATED $ per house

EARC issues

Board will ask EARC to conduct compliance assessments of all lots by October of this year.

It was brought to the Board’s attention that home improvements have been started without prior approval from EARC. Board will send out a reminder to members that any work to be done must be submitted for approval 30 days in advance.

The meeting ended at 8:45pm.


National Night Out

TBD for 2021