Semi Annual Meeting – March 2017


Fairfax Villa Elementary School

Meeting called to order 7:30 P.M. in the library of Fairfax Villa Elementary. Present from the Board were Jerry Stora (President), Andrew Pershing (Vice President), Oscar Merida (Secretary), P.J. Kennedy (Treasurer), Justin Ginsberg, Christine Taylor, and Heather Goltry. Thirteen people in attendance. Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM.

1. Approval of Fall Minutes

Minutes of the last semi-annual meeting were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

  • Checking Account $61,500
  • Money Market $32,990
  • CD’s $20,120
  • Total Funds $114,610

Total Dues Collected ~$48,720 Approx 86.9% of total annual dues of 56,100.

Four properties have not paid half of 2017 dues. One of these has set up a payment option with me.

35 properties have not paid the second half of 2017.

3. EARC Report

Discussed the guidelines are posted on the HOA website and an application must be approved prior to starting work.

Previous EARC chair has resigned, looking for volunteer to take over.

4. Amending the Bylaws

Continued the discussion of the need to amend the HOA bylaws to ensure all homeowners have the same bylaws. Currently, there are two sections with slightly different bylaws.

5. Search for Legal Counsel

Board will continue to research fees charged by other firms to ensure we are getting a competitive rate.

6. Trash and Recycling Bins

Board to ask if we can get larger recycling bins, possibly with lids, when its time to negotiate the next contract. Board will review when the contract is up for review. Board will post a notice that the trash company will not take yard waste that is in plastic bags.

7. Requesting VDOT Street Sweeping

Neighbors should call (INFO TO BE PROVIDED) to call VDOT and the Supervisor to request that our streets are swept.

8. Community Yard Sale

Board to organize a date to promote and coordinate a community yard sale in the coming months.

9. Villa Pool

President of the pool is in attendance (is also a homeowner). The Villa Pool needed to be resurfaced at a cost of $80,000. HOA members do not pay a capital improvement fee, asking the board to consider helping with the cost.

10. VDOT Snow Plowing

Discussed that the HOA might consider voice to VDOT any complaints about snow plows leaving driveways clear.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.