Semi Annual Meeting – October 2016


Fairfax Villa Elementary School

Meeting called to order 8:00 P.M. in the cafeteria of Fairfax Villa Elementary. Present from the Board were Peter McClintock, Oscar Merida, P.J. Kennedy, Christine Taylor, and Heather Goltry. Thirteen people in attendance. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

1. Treasurer's Report

As of 10/4:

  • Checking Acct $66,600
  • Money Market $32,980
  • CD's $20,100

Total Funds $119,680

Total Dues Collected: $30,400 approximately 54% of total annual dues of 56,100.

59 properties have not paid half of 2017 dues. Will monitor and send reminders out. Three properties have other delinquencies. One property is 4 years delinquent, has not made a payment plan arrangements and will be refered to our lawyer for collections.

2. EARC Report

None are present.

3. Neighborhood Watch

National Night out was a success. May adjust amount of food, drink for next year.

A house in Fairfax Villa reported that they had a break in to a screened in porch and stereo equipment was stolen.

4. Amending HoA Declaration Status

Process is on hold until new board is in place to keep the process moving. The board might consider finding a new law firm to help in this process.

5. Board Election

22 Votes for the election of Heather Goltry and Justing Ginsberg. There are two vacancies on the board for anyone interested in joining.

6. EAGR Property Inspections and Compliance

Coordinating with EARC to schedule a sidewalk inspection of homes in the neighborhood. Peter will email Matthew Jaquith to coordinate starting the inspections.

7. Snow Removal

A question from the floor concerning snow removal and how we can influence snow removal during storms. Board will investigate if there's a point of contact at VDOT to raise complaints.

8. Community Communications

Discussion of having a list where members could communicate easily to hire kids to mow their lawns, remove snow in the winter, etc. Board will encourage members to join our facebook group as a medium or