11080 Verde Vista DR

Meeting called to order 7:40 P.M. at 11080 Verde Visat DR. Present from the Board were Bradley Roach, Jerry Stora, Bradley Roach, Oscar Merida, Christine Taylor (Vice President), and Heather Goltry. Sixteen people in attendance. Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.

1. Treasurer’s Report

New CPA Services for USHA Tax Filing Preparation at a reduced cost.

Republic services is raising cost of trash service by $32.

Acquired the Services of a Collection Agency: Two lots were formally turned over to the Collectoin Agency as of January 2019 for late assessments, dues, and interest. Total balalance due $3,700.

As of June 2019:

  • Money Market: $73,000
  • Checking: $46,200

Total Funds

Two other lots are late one year or less.

2. EARC Report

Leigh Kennedy has been approving EEARC applications and also following up with homes that are not in compliance of EARC compliance.

Potentially amend EARC guidelines to change penalties for non-compliance at $10/day for max 90 days per violation.

3. Limited Tree Work was Performed on Common Area

Tree work was performed at 10861 and 10867 Santa Clara Drive. Total cost $1,800

4. Board Election

Last general meeting was re-election: Heather Goltry and Justin Ginsberg

5. Results of Traffic Study for University Drive and Santa Clara

VDOT will not put a stop sign to turn onto University drive because of a lack of volume on both sides.

VDOT will update signage to warn people of pedestrian driveway.

6. One University Development Project update

Various HOAs affected met to discuss the projec and goals. Bradley Roach reached out to University Square homeowners to assess the consensus about the project. Board agreed to be included but passive with respect to the activities of the other HOAs. The One University project is now awaiting approval of the re-zoning application. There will be a meeting July 8th with Superivisor Cook at Villa ES. July 25th is the re-zoning committee meeting for the project. Consortium is now looking to make concessions.

7. Trash and Recycling Guidelines

Brush and limbs must be less than 6 inch in diameter and cut to less than 6 feet in length. Must be bundled with twine or in a continer for pickup.

8. National Night Out

Still planned for first Tuesday in August for National Night out this year. Hot dogs, burgers, and snacks to be provided for households.


  • Board to call Republic about missed service for yard and trash pickup (San Juan especially).
  • Common area behind lot 170 needs maintance and clearance. Also 10827&9 Verde Vista has a dead tree.