Old News Semi-Annual Meeting – April 2021


1. Officer Wayne Twombly, FCPD

Officer Twombly addressed the role of the neighborhood watch and the anonymous letters sent to some members. He recommended members use the NextDoor app to stay in communication with the police department. For contacting them, the non-emergency number for the PD is 703-691-2131.

Concerning the anonymous letters sent to neighbors, he emphasized that if there is a direct threat made then a police report should be made so that it can be investigated.

One service he provides is home security screenings where he reviews a home and makes recommendations to improve the security of the building.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Four properties are more than one year in arrears. Board has contacted the attorney to explore how to collect from some homes that are past due.

3. Changing the Declaration

Attorney’s reviewed board declaration in 2015 and advised the board to update the declaration in light of changes in the law since the HOA was founded. Any change to the declaration or articles of incorporation must be approved by 75% of the owners. Bylaws can be changed by a majority of votes at a board meeting.

There are 2 sections with two different declarations:

  • Section one – 60 lots
  • Section two – 105 lots

The recommendation is to update both the Articles of Incorporation and Declaration. The Board should develop a strategy for how to proceed, submit proposed changes, and collect input from the owners. The Board should consider whether a complete rewrite (estimated at $15k) or just amending the current documents ($1500–3000).

Action: The Board will explore how to update the documents and how to proceed.

4. Neighborhood Concerns

Construction halted on Lot 133. Concerns that the work will not be completed and construction debris is visible.

EARC will be inspecting homes in the spring to make sure homes are in compliance with our guidelines.