Semi Annual Meeting – October 2016


Fairfax Villa Elementary School

Meeting called to order 8:00 P.M. in the cafeteria of Fairfax Villa Elementary. Present from the Board were Peter McClintock, Oscar Merida, P.J. Kennedy, Christine Taylor, and Heather Goltry. Thirteen people in attendance. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

1. Treasurer's Report

As of 10/4:

  • Checking Acct $66,600
  • Money Market $32,980
  • CD's $20,100

Total Funds $119,680

Total Dues Collected: $30,400 approximately 54% of total annual dues of 56,100.

59 properties have not paid half of 2017 dues. Will monitor and send reminders out. Three properties have other delinquencies. One property is 4 years delinquent, has not made a payment plan arrangements and will be refered to our lawyer for collections.

2. EARC Report

None are present.

3. Neighborhood Watch

National Night out was a success. May adjust amount of food, drink for next year.

A house in Fairfax Villa reported that they had a break in to a screened in porch and stereo equipment was stolen.

4. Amending HoA Declaration Status

Process is on hold until new board is in place to keep the process moving. The board might consider finding a new law firm to help in this process.

5. Board Election

22 Votes for the election of Heather Goltry and Justing Ginsberg. There are two vacancies on the board for anyone interested in joining.

6. EAGR Property Inspections and Compliance

Coordinating with EARC to schedule a sidewalk inspection of homes in the neighborhood. Peter will email Matthew Jaquith to coordinate starting the inspections.

7. Snow Removal

A question from the floor concerning snow removal and how we can influence snow removal during storms. Board will investigate if there's a point of contact at VDOT to raise complaints.

8. Community Communications

Discussion of having a list where members could communicate easily to hire kids to mow their lawns, remove snow in the winter, etc. Board will encourage members to join our facebook group as a medium or

Semi Annual Meeting – March 2016


MINUTES OF March 2, 2016 SEMI-ANNUAL MEETING Fairfax Villa Elementary School

Meeting called to order 7:35pm in the cafeteria of Fairfax Villa Elementary. Present from the Board were Peter McClintock, Andrew Pershing, Oscar Merida, Christine Stora, and Heather Goltry.

1. Officer Wayne Twombly, FCPD

Officer Twombly addressed the role of the neighborhood watch and the anonymous letters sent to some members. He recommended members use the NextDoor app to stay in communication with the police department. For contacting them, the non-emergency number for the PD is 703-691-2131.

Concerning the anonymous letters sent to neighbors, he emphasized that if there is a direct threat made then a police report should be made so that it can be investigated.

One service he provides is home security screenings where he reviews a home and makes recommendations to improve the security of the building.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Four properties are more than one year in arrears. Board has contacted the attorney to explore how to collect from some homes that are past due.

3. Changing the Declaration

Attorney’s reviewed board declaration in 2015 and advised the board to update the declaration in light of changes in the law since the HOA was founded. Any change to the declaration or articles of incorporation must be approved by 75% of the owners. Bylaws can be changed by a majority of votes at a board meeting.

There are 2 sections with two different declarations:

  • Section one – 60 lots
  • Section two – 105 lots

The recommendation is to update both the Articles of Incorporation and Declaration. The Board should develop a strategy for how to proceed, submit proposed changes, and collect input from the owners. The Board should consider whether a complete rewrite (estimated at $15k) or just amending the current documents ($1500–3000).

Action: The Board will explore how to update the documents and how to proceed.

4. Neighborhood Concerns

Construction halted on Lot 133. Concerns that the work will not be completed and construction debris is visible.

EARC will be inspecting homes in the Spring to make sure homes are in compliance with our guidelines.

Semi Annual Meeting – March 2015



Fairfax Villa Elementary School

The meeting was called to order at 8:03 pm by President Peter McClintock.

Board Members present were:  PJ Kennedy, Christine Taylor, and Justin Ginsburg

The meeting was attended by 16 homeowners.

Approval of October 1, 2014 minutes: approved as presented

Treasurer’s Report:  PJ reported that the Association had about $96,000 in bank accounts and that there were several homeowners in arrears on their dues.  He reported that about 80% of the homeowners had paid all of their dues for the fiscal year.  Money was still being sent in.  There was discussion about collecting overdue dues.  PJ said he was seeking guidance from the law firm doing the legal review.

Old Business:

  1. HOA Documents   Legal Review – arrangements have been made and are in process for such a review.  PJ reported that we received comments on our Disclosure Packet and he was in discussions with a law firm, MercerTrigiana on the status of the remainder of the review.
  2. Streets – One neighbor reported that she had spoken with VDOT and that our streets were in much worse shape than originally anticipated so VDOT has to rebid the project.  Apparently, we are a high priority to have them repaved/repaired.   Again, It was suggested that owners begin to petition the appropriate elected officials in order to move this along.

New Business:

  1. Election of President – The Board elected Peter McClintock as USHA President.
  2. ERAC Vacancy – Patricia Garcia volunteered to fill the ERAC Vacancy.
  3. Board Vacancy – Caitlin Kaprove was appointed to the Board and will fulfill the secretary position.

From the Floor:  no further items were raised from the floor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.


Semi Annual Meeting – October 2014



The meeting was called to order at 8:13 pm by President Frank Ruth.

Board Members present were:  Andrew Pershing, PJ Kennedy, Christine Taylor, Justin Ginsburg, and Jen Weigel

Treasurer’s Report:  PJ reported that the Association had about $105,000 in bank accounts and that there were several homeowners in arrears on their dues.  As the bills had recently gone out, money was still being sent in.

Old Business:

  1. HOA Documents   Legal Review – arrangements were still in process for such a review.  PJ was in discussions with a law firm, MercerTrigiana.  No definitive action had been taken.
  2. Streets – Frank mentioned that VDOT had planned to resurface our streets but due to a lack of funding, this was postponed.  A lot owner who is original to the neighbor mentioned that the streets have never been repaved in the time the community has been here.  It was also noted that we seem to have grass growing from the seams.  It was suggested that owners begin to petition the appropriate elected officials in order to move this along.  Frank mentioned he has talked to our representatives, but nothing has moved forward.
  3. National Nite Out – A mighty thanks to Cheryl and Bridget for coordinating it.

New Business:

  1. Thanks for National Nite out – see above
  2. Election to the Board – The Election of the Board was unanimous for the four individuals on the ballot.  Welcome to Christine Taylor and Peter McClintock.
  3. Speed Bump – discussed, but no one believes it will come to pass based on all the requirements.  It also seems to not fix the real issue of getting folks to stop at the signs.
  4. HOA Sign – The discussion on the HOA sign did not result in any action as those in the room did not see a need for it as we are easily found off 123.

From the Floor:

  • Someone mentioned that the dues on the website are stated differently than what the notice said (old $366 vice new $310).
  • The owner of lot 19 offered to help with any lien filings on delinquent lots.
  • A lot owner mentioned the continued issues with moss on the sides of buildings.  It was noted that this can be done by a company, or one could rent/buy a pressure washer or simply buy something you attach to your hose.  It was suggested that the EARC provide a notice to the community about this.  It will likely be done in the Spring,

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.


Member Meeting – October 2013

University Square Homeowner’s Association

Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes

facebook: University Square HOA

October 2, 2013


Board Attendees: Frank Ruth, PJ Kennedy, Justin Ginsberg, Jen Weigel

Meeting called to order at 8:07 PM.

Treasurer’s report:

*   With the $30K received for dues this year, we have $93K in the bank.  This equates to 70K in reserve
*   44 properties have not made a payment for this year’s due as of this meeting  Treasurer will send out reminder notices in mid October
*   1 property continues to work off outstanding balance based on negotiations with the Treasurer
*   4 properties remain with outstanding dues.  One property is a foreclosure that we will likely not see anything on until after it is sold 

·      Treasurer is working on getting liens started on all of these properties

Neighborhood Watch:
Nothing to report, but thanks to Cheryl for the great work on NNO

General Business:
Deer are still an issue in the common area and the creek behind Santa Clara/University Dr.  They meander up the creek bed starting at 7-8AM and find their way to Providence Park.

We had some trees come down in the common area.  Our insurance provider told us to let the homeowner sue over this, as they should have insurance.  We are currently working to replace a shed that was destroyed beyond repair.  Some owners in attendance mentioned that homeowner’s insurance should cover these sorts of things.

ERAC would like to reprint the EAG&R documents and provide to all lots.  Treasurer Kennedy stated that there was a review of the existing document ongoing and we should be able to finalize that in the near future.  Dennis Makurat asked for a copy of the EAG&R to provide some inputs on changes to the document.  (Treasurer Kennedy sent via email on 10/9/13)

President noted that dues have been lowered, all at the meeting were happy to see this.

We noted that we have cleaned out a portion of the common area and are planning to do $2K worth every year to keep it maintained.  Bertha Mcclintockmentioned there are some dead trees behind her lot that should be monitored.

There was a short discussion about a sign for the HOA at the entrance.  There wasn’t much interest from those in attendance.

The floor nominated Frank and Justin for re-election.  It passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43PM. 

Semi Annual Meeting – October 2011


University Square Homeowners Association

Semi Annual/General Meeting Notes

Face book: University Square Homeowners Association

October 5, 2011  @ The Villa Elementary School

Call to Order 7:35 pm


Minutes of last meeting accepted


Treasurer’s Report:  

  • Trash expense went down. We are in the black and we are in good financial shape


Neighborhood Watch Report:            

  • The National Night Out was a success, thanks to all who helped and attended


Old Business

* Discussion on GMU roads is continuing. Next community meeting is October 14th at City Hall           

New Business

*            Board member’s were reelected

*          Discussion on putting little flags on the curb grass in front of everyone’s homes on holidays like the Villa does. Nita Chapuranwill check into cost. We could make available to any  neighbors that want them, as it is a personal decision.


From the Floor discussion:

Deer hunt to help thin the herd around the neighborhood

Community yard sale sponsored by sponsored by ADK (Alpha Delta Kappa) Sorority on 10/22. Proceeds go to scholarship for future teachers.


Adjourned: 8:55pm

Board members:

President                        Frank Ruth (10/13)                                703-273-7641

Vice President                Andrew Pershing (10-13)                        

Treasurer                        Dennis Makurat (10/12)                        703-383-0233

Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/13)                              703-385-1041

Member                        Jen Weigel (10/13)                                    

Member                        Ray Tolbert (10/12)                                  703-272-3450

Member                        Justin Ginsberg  (10/12)                      


ERAC                                    Gail Contreras                                    703 352-8109


Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis



Semi Annual Meeting – March 2011

University Square Homeowners Association

Semi Annual Meeting Notes

face book: University Square Homeowners Association



The President called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m. at The Villa Elementary Library

Introductions and welcome to new homeowners were made.


Minutes of the Last Meeting

  • The minutes of the February 1, 2011 board meeting were reviewed and approved.


EARC Report: Gail Contreras

  • Gail Contreras, EARC Chairperson will give neighbors gentle, benevolent reminders to infractions. This effort seems to be most effective and does not create hard feelings.


Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Makurat

  • The HOA currently has $44k in accounts plus $10k CD
  • We are in good financial shape
  • Trash rate was down, but anticipate a rate hike due to soaring fuel costs
  • 70 homes still owe dues from October; reminder letters will go out


Neighborhood Watch

  • NW was explained to new home owners, and offer to add names with email to list serve to receive news briefs and other Neighborhood Watch information was made
  • National Night Out will be 1st Tuesday of August. A plea was made for volunteers. Cheryl will invite the Villa neighborhood to combine our NNO’s. This was done twice in the past and was very successful
  • Neighbors were cautioned about leaving GPS’s, IPOD’s and other items in cars as it is an open invitation for a smash and grab
  • Police ask neighbors to be vigilant and call anything suspicious in. If you hear car alarms in a parking lot or at home, call it in. This is how crime rings are broken up
  • Neighborhood Watch training at Police Station will be April 20 at 7PM
  • Please see Face Book Page for updates
  • All are invited to Citizens Advisory Committee meetings last Tuesday of each month at Fair Oaks Police Station where you will hear from our Captain, and guest speakers. Meeting lasts no more than an hour and start at 7PM.


Old Business: President advised we have a full HOA Board

New Business:

Regarding George Masons Proposed Western Bypass:

  • Town hall meeting on George Mason University’s Proposed Western Bypass will be March 28 Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Fairfax Villa Elementary School

Frank Ruth will make a flyer to distribute to neighborhood to encourage attendance. The flyer will also be e-mailed out, and posted on line.

  • VDOT website has a place for citizens to voice their concerns regarding roadwork.


From the floor:

If any neighbor would like to help VP Pershing with nomination committee, please contact him.

Bertha Mcclintock stated she has 2 trees in the common area that are hollowed out, FYI.

Ray Tolbert suggested neighbors check siding and roof for wind damage

Drainage construction on SCD/Bellavia is ongoing


Next board meeting that all are invited to attend: April 29 at 8:00PM  at Franks house


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm.  It was unanimously approved.


Directors Present:

Frank Ruth             President        703 273-7641

Andrew Pershing        VP            703 216-0497

Dennis Makurat        Treasurer        703 383-0233

Cheryl Lewis            Secretary        703 385-1041

Ray Tolbert            Member        703 272-3450

Justin Ginsberg        Member        703 738-6339

Gail Contreras        EARC            703 352-8109


Jen Weigel            Member        703 309-7446

Patrick Tomilson        EARC            703 615-0176


Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Lewis         8 March 2011