Board Meeting – April 2011

University Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting Notes

face book: University Square Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

April 5, 2011 Home of President Frank Ruth


Call to Order 8:09pm


Review of Minutes from March : Approved


EARC Report:  Gail will canvass neighborhood when the weather is better. Ray reported that the red Mustang on Santa Clara Dr. that has flat tires, parked on the curb, will be gone soon.  “HI” graffiti on the house at the corner of La Marre/Verde Vista will be readdressed with owners who do not speak English, but the children do. We are looking for someone who might be able to interpret.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer was absent, but sent in a report. We have collected a long overdue debt. There are 24 houses in arrears totaling $6028.00.   Letters will go out soon.


Neighborhood Watch Report: We are appealing to the Villa president to join together for National Night Out. Neighbors were very pleased when we did it before.


Old Business

GMU Road construction is years away. Nothing is happening now other than talk.


New Business

1.We need a periodic newsletter. Looking for volunteers to compose one

2.Web page: Post newsletter, agenda’s for meetings, suggested adding a counter to see how many people actually check the web page

3.Suggested that we have a back up of treasury records and accounts. Board approved buying a thumb drive for this purpose, to be stored in Board Member Ray Tolberts’ home safe. This is just a precaution and is fiducially responsible


Adjourned: 8:48pm


Board members present:

President                        Frank Ruth (10/13)                                    703-273-7641

Secretary                        Cheryl Lewis (10/11)                        703-385-1041

Member                        Jen Weigel (10/11)                                    703-309-7446

Member                        Ray Tolbert (10/12)                        703-272-3450

Member                        Justin Ginsberg                                    703 738-6339

ERAC                                    Gail Contreras                                    703 352-8109


Vice President            Andrew Pershing (10/11)                        703-216-0497

Treasurer                        Dennis Makurat (10/12)                        703-383-0233



Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Lewis




Semi Annual Meeting – March 2011

University Square Homeowners Association

Semi Annual Meeting Notes

face book: University Square Homeowners Association



The President called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m. at The Villa Elementary Library

Introductions and welcome to new homeowners were made.


Minutes of the Last Meeting

  • The minutes of the February 1, 2011 board meeting were reviewed and approved.


EARC Report: Gail Contreras

  • Gail Contreras, EARC Chairperson will give neighbors gentle, benevolent reminders to infractions. This effort seems to be most effective and does not create hard feelings.


Treasurer’s Report: Dennis Makurat

  • The HOA currently has $44k in accounts plus $10k CD
  • We are in good financial shape
  • Trash rate was down, but anticipate a rate hike due to soaring fuel costs
  • 70 homes still owe dues from October; reminder letters will go out


Neighborhood Watch

  • NW was explained to new home owners, and offer to add names with email to list serve to receive news briefs and other Neighborhood Watch information was made
  • National Night Out will be 1st Tuesday of August. A plea was made for volunteers. Cheryl will invite the Villa neighborhood to combine our NNO’s. This was done twice in the past and was very successful
  • Neighbors were cautioned about leaving GPS’s, IPOD’s and other items in cars as it is an open invitation for a smash and grab
  • Police ask neighbors to be vigilant and call anything suspicious in. If you hear car alarms in a parking lot or at home, call it in. This is how crime rings are broken up
  • Neighborhood Watch training at Police Station will be April 20 at 7PM
  • Please see Face Book Page for updates
  • All are invited to Citizens Advisory Committee meetings last Tuesday of each month at Fair Oaks Police Station where you will hear from our Captain, and guest speakers. Meeting lasts no more than an hour and start at 7PM.


Old Business: President advised we have a full HOA Board

New Business:

Regarding George Masons Proposed Western Bypass:

  • Town hall meeting on George Mason University’s Proposed Western Bypass will be March 28 Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Fairfax Villa Elementary School

Frank Ruth will make a flyer to distribute to neighborhood to encourage attendance. The flyer will also be e-mailed out, and posted on line.

  • VDOT website has a place for citizens to voice their concerns regarding roadwork.


From the floor:

If any neighbor would like to help VP Pershing with nomination committee, please contact him.

Bertha Mcclintock stated she has 2 trees in the common area that are hollowed out, FYI.

Ray Tolbert suggested neighbors check siding and roof for wind damage

Drainage construction on SCD/Bellavia is ongoing


Next board meeting that all are invited to attend: April 29 at 8:00PM  at Franks house


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm.  It was unanimously approved.


Directors Present:

Frank Ruth             President        703 273-7641

Andrew Pershing        VP            703 216-0497

Dennis Makurat        Treasurer        703 383-0233

Cheryl Lewis            Secretary        703 385-1041

Ray Tolbert            Member        703 272-3450

Justin Ginsberg        Member        703 738-6339

Gail Contreras        EARC            703 352-8109


Jen Weigel            Member        703 309-7446

Patrick Tomilson        EARC            703 615-0176


Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Lewis         8 March 2011