Exterior Architectural Review Committee (EARC)

What is EARC?

The EARC is a small group of volunteers who serve as a review committee to keep properties in our neighborhood looking their best. The EARC is appointed by the University Square HOA Board, and tasked with upholding the community guidelines.

Who is on the EARC?

Leigh Kennedy, Chair
Jennifer Caldwell
Mary King
Dennis Makurat
(Volunteer Needed)

When/How do I contact the EARC?

EARC can be reached at  earc@universitysquareha.com

Contact EARC if: 

  • you want to make a change to your home or yard and need approval
  • you are concerned that a property in the neighborhood is not adhering to our guidelines, and would like us to resolve the issue
  • you are selling your home and need to ensure that your property is in compliance with the guidelines
  • you have ideas about how to make University Square an even nicer place to live

Community Guidelines

The EARC is responsible to the Board and to the community for administering the Architectural Guidelines set forth in this document. These Guidelines have been approved by the Board for the purpose of informing all owners within University Square of the applicable regulations for new construction, alterations, and improvements to properties within the Community.

USHA EAGR – 2022-03-04


USHA EAGR Self-Checklist