EARC Committee

Planning an Exterior Improvement?

Please read the Architectural Guidelines & Restrictions brochure (PDF).

Complete a copy of the Architectural Plan Submission Form (Appendix A) and return it to any member of the board or Exterior Architecture Review Committee (EARC) for approval.

This process will help to promote those qualities in the USHA environment which bring value to the properties, vegetation, and topography.

Forward all your Exterior Improvement or Construction questions to the EARC Committee at earc@universitysquareha.com.

About the Committee

The University Square Homeowner’s Association exists in order to contribute to the general health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the community as well as to provide for the preservation and enhancement of the property values. As such, the USHA is charged with ensuring that the original plan of development for the community is preserved. Although each lot is owned privately, there are certain restrictions and guidelines for the use, improvement, and alteration to the properties within University Square. By monitoring the exterior design of improvements and by regulating the use of properties within the community, the Association is able to maintain a high standard of aesthetic quality, community identity, and functional cohesiveness which ultimately enhances property values and promotes a harmonious community.

The Exterior Architectural Review Committee (EARC) is a group of three or more members, appointed by the USHA Board. These members are responsible to the Board and to the community for administering the Architectural Guidelines set forth in this document. These Guidelines have been approved by the Board for the purpose of informing all owners within University Square of the applicable regulations for new construction, alterations, and improvements to properties within the Community.

Members 2021

Leigh Kennedy
Jennifer Caldwell
Mary King
Dennis Makurat
Patricia Garcia