Please inform your real estate agent, attorney, and buyer that all residents of the neighborhood must pay homeowner assessments and adhere to the Association By-Laws and Architectural Guidelines and Restrictions.

Ensure that you should bring your assessments up to date and any prepaid assessments will be reimbursed to you at closing – just like prepaid taxes. If necessary, the treasurer can provide verification of the number of Assessments and the status of your payments as well as compliance with the community architectural guidelines.

It is required by law that a USHA disclosure packet is given to each new homeowner. The USHA Board determines the disclosure packet fee. As of 1/1/12, the fee is $100.00. To request one, send an email to

The packet contains:

  • An Overview of Rules & Regulations, By-laws, Budget,
  • ·Exterior Architectural Guidelines & Restrictions (EAG&R), EARC Improvement/Modification Request Form,
  • A Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission Document, an Articles of Incorporation Document,
  • Real Estate Community Association Certification Document, AAA Trash Information, Mailbox instructions,
  • Association Map with homeowners’ property highlighted, Request for Common Area Form,
  • USHA Directory distributed March 2004 until they are depleted, and
  • A University Square Homeowners’ Association Disclosure Information form stating the status of the homeowners association, dues and your dues status, whether or not you are in compliance with community regulations, association reserve amount, insurance companies the association deals with, and information on what should be included in your packet.