Selling or Renting Your Home?

Selling Requirements

Please inform your real estate agent, attorney, and buyer that the property is part of the
University Square Homeowners Association and homeowners are obligated to pay the assessment
fees and must adhere to the By-Laws and Architectural Guidelines and Restrictions.

  • Commonwealth of Virginia requires by law that all buyers of a home in an Association receive a Common Interest Community Association Resale Certificate.

  • ┬áThe Association is allowed 14 days to complete the Certificate and charges a $100 fee at delivery of the Certificate, which comes as electronic files on a memory stick

  • ┬áThe Certificate has 30 items that must be addressed by the Association and includes all copies of Association Documents

  • An inspection of the property is required and all violations to the EAG&R must be identified to the buyer

  • A statement of our annual assessment fees, special assessment fees, and what fees are still owed on the property

To request the USHA Disclosure Package, send an email
to There is a $100 fee for the USHA Disclosure Package and
please allow fourteen (14) days to process the package.

The disclosure packet contains:

  • USHA Articles of Incorporation
  • USHA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • USHA By-Laws
  • USHA Exterior Architectural Guidelines & Restrictions (EAG&R)
  • USHA statement regarding the status of association assessment fee payments and
    whether the property complies with USHA EAG&R
  • Other information as required by Virginia Law

Rental Property Requirements

Property Owners that rent out rooms or the entire property are required to notify the
Association of the names of the renting tenants. Lot Owners that are not residing on the Lot are
required to provide the Association with their current mailing address and contact information, as well as the contact information of the property manager if used. Lot Owners are responsible for ensuring all tenants comply with the USHA Exterior Architecture Guidelines and Restrictions (EAG&R). Information can be sent by email to

Lot Owners are required to comply with Fairfax County Zoning Ordinances which establish and
limits how many people can live in a single residence. In general, no more than one family, plus two
renters, may live in one house, or no more than four unrelated people may live in one house.