Rental Property Requirements

Owners of homes in USHA or their property managers are required to furnish the Association with the names of their renters whether it is for a room or an entire house.

Notification shall be sent to the USHA within fifteen (15) days of the signing of the lease.

Property Owners that rent out rooms or the entire property are required to notify the
Association of the names of the renting tenants. Lot Owners that are not residing on the Lot are
required to provide the Association with their current mailing address and contact information, as well as the
contact information of the property manager if used. Lot Owners’ responsibility is to ensure all tenants
comply with the USHA Exterior Architecture Guidelines and Restrictions (EAG&R). Information can be
sent by email to

Lot Owners are required to comply with Fairfax County Zoning Ordinances which establish and
limits how many people can live in a single residence. In general, no more than one family, plus two
renters, may live in one house or, no more than four unrelated people may live in one house.