USHA Villa Aquatic Club

Villa Aquatic Pool

The Villa Aquatic Club (VAC), Inc., an Olympic-sized pool, was dedicated on July 4, 1963. In 1987 VAC and the USHA negotiated the purchase of pool memberships for all 165 homes in the association. USHA has paid the capital improvement fee for each house, which is the share of ownership in the Corporation and conveys with the house.

If you wish to activate your membership, giving you all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the Corporation, you may do so by signing a contract and paying annual dues. Your contract will commit you to continue paying dues each year. If at some point you wish to stop using the pool, please notify the VAC secretary. You may reactivate your membership by applying to the VAC Corporate Board of Directors but a penalty may be imposed.

The pool is located at the intersection of Byrd Drive and Andes Drive in the Fairfax Villa Subdivision (a 15-minute walk from the Fairfax Villa Elementary School). It has 6 competition lanes, a low board, a separate wading pool, ping-pong tables and 2 basketball nets.

You may access the Villa Aquatic Club website at